Shannon Powers Capstone

My capstone was a book something that I had been wanting to write down for a long time. It was funny because I wasn't going to do this at first. I was actually going to paint seashells. Then I realized I hated the idea and talked to my mentor Bethany Carter about changing it to my book. then I went though writing in it. There was no need really for sources, because I already knew what I was doing and how I was going to do it. I'd been drawing the characters in the book before I even decided to write it. Nothing helped me more than the comments my two biggest fans wrote. 

Devil's Charms 

Patterson, James . Maximum Ride:The Angel Experiment. 1st ed. New York,NY: Little,Brown and Company, 2005. 422. Print.

  This book was used for the writing style. I love the way you can just get inside Max’s head. Thats what I tried to do with Salem, I wanted to give you a clear idea of what he was thinking.

Clare, Cassandra. The Mortal Instruments- City of Bones. 1st ed. New York,NY: Simon Pulse, 2007. 485. Print.

    I used this writing style a lot as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of writing in the third person and I had tried it out,but Salem’s personality required I write in first person so one could see how he saw things. What I used from her was the style of using details only when needed.

 Paolini, Christopher. Eldest. first. New York,NY: Random House Children's Books, 2005. 679. Print.

      When I had decided that there was going to be a dragon in my book I knew I was going to need ideas. I needed something that had a good description of what a dragon could look like from tall to small.  So I picked up my Eragon collection and started taking notes.

 Striefvater, Maggie. Lament- The Faerie Queen's Deception. 1st ed. Woodbury,Minnesota : Llewellyn Publications, 2008. 325. Print.

   This book gave me the idea of having a great number of different types of myths. I needed diversity in my Underrealm creatures and it took time to work out all of the details. However, this book  was a big help.

Kato , Kazve. Blue Exorcist - Volume 2. 2nd ed. Shonen Jump Advanced- Manga Edition: Tokyo, Japan, 2011. 195. Print.

     Yes I’m citing a manga. Anyway I used this one to give me a good idea of how some of the things Salem had as a demon would look.

  Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. New York,NY: Little,Brown and Company, 2005. 544. Print.

    I used to reference how my vampires wouldn’t be. I wanted them to be bad as hell not pansies. So I thought it a good idea to make my pixies shine in the sunlight.

Carter, Bethany. Personal Interview. 29 Jan 2014.

 I used her to bounce ideas off of and also there are a couple of teasers from her book mixed in with mine.

Powers, Shannon. Personal Interview. 31 Jan 2014.

 It was my idea. All of the ideals and plotline in this book were ideas of mine. The characters are all amazing brain farts.

Cast, P.C. Marked- House of Night. 1st ed. St. Martin's Griffin, 2007. 306. Print.

     This was where I thought about how sunlight would affect my Vampires. It’s also how I decided that elemental powers for the Nymphs was brilliant.

Finch, Jenny. The Vampire Book- The legend, The Lore, The Allure . 1st ed. New York,NY: DK Children , 2009. 96. Print.

 This was an amazing help in finding the perfect balance of old lore and my own ideals.