Shilo Kendall Capstone


For my capstone I decided to create a bakery in order to see what steps people take in order to create their own business in the restaurant industry. I decided to create a vegan and gluten free bakery in order to reach a wider market of people. I made gluten free peanut butter cookies, vegan and gluten free lemon bars, vegan brownies, snickerdoodles, cheddar chive biscuits, and cupcakes. I asked the owner of Will BYOB, Chris Kearse, to show me how he prices out his dishes and how he organizes his list of ingredients. I then took what I learned from him to help me create spreadsheets that organized my costs and pricing for the different baked goods I was making. I then created a website for my bakery and actually played out the bakery in order to see if my bakery was functional. I learned a lot about the difficulties of creating a business and also dealing with the public. I showed me that having a business takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication. (bakery website) (spreadsheets)

Screenshot of the homepage of my website
Screenshot of the homepage of my website
Screenshot of my menu page on my website
Screenshot of my menu page on my website
Screenshot of my spreadsheets. This shows the math behind finding the cost of each item per oz.
Screenshot of my spreadsheets. This shows the math behind finding the cost of each item per oz.
Screenshot of my spreadsheet for the snickerdoodle cookies. This shows the processes I took in order to figure out my profit and price for my cookies.
Screenshot of my spreadsheet for the snickerdoodle cookies. This shows the processes I took in order to figure out my profit and price for my cookies.


“About.” Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society,

This is the non-profit organization that I am going to be donating most of my profits to. They are a low cost animal clinic. They do mainly spay and neuters daily and give opportunities for vet-students to learn from the vets at PAWS.

“Flour Mixes & Substitutions.” Gluten Free & More,

This blog informs people of the different substitutes that can be used in order to make baked goods gluten free such as using xanthan gum or agar as a thickener or other kinds of flour such as oat or rice flour. It also gives you different ratios when using these substitutes compared to using normal ingredients, along with recipes for basic breads and doughs. With knowing this kind of information it makes me more informed about the recipes I am using and why the substitutes work, along with the fact I can take a recipe that is regular and make it gluten free using these substitutes.

Kearse , Chris, and Shilo Kendall. “Business at WILL.” 21 Nov. 2018.

In this interview Chris discussed with me how he prices his food and how he organizes his inventory. He creates spreadsheet with all the ingredients he uses for each recipe. He prices them out by oz. With this information he can figure out how much the dish would be by the amount of ounces per ingredient per dish. He then takes the cost and multiplies it by 5 since it is fine dining but he explained to me it is usually by 3. This is information I created my own spreadsheets for my recipes and was able to price out each individual item.

Kelly, Taylor. “Veganism Is at an All-Time High: Is It A Fleeting Fad or The New Norm?” SinglePlatform, SinglePlatform, 28 June 2018,

Kelly explains in her article that from 2014 to 2017 people identifying as vegan has risen from 1% to 6%. With this increase Kelly talks about the reasons why people have become vegan, health, animal welfare, etc, along with the affects this rise in veganism has had on the restaurant industry. Since veganism has increased more restaurants have been popping up that are either entirely vegan or have many vegan options. Restaurants rely on public demand so if more people are becoming vegan they have to make an effort to comaidate for these dietary changes. With now knowing this kind of information I decided to make my bakery have vegan options due to the rise in veganism, along with having regular items in order to reach a wider range of people.

M.S., Marissa Donovan, and R.d. “Vegan Substitutes for Baking.” EatingWell, EatingWell, 6 Nov. 2017,  

Marissa Donovan goes into the different kinds of vegan substitutes you can use and the ratios required depending on what you are trying to substitute within a recipe such as dairy and eggs. For example she explains how to make dairy-free buttermilk by using any non-dairy milk such as almond milk and adding one tablespoon of lemon juice in order to curdle the milk. With this kind of information I can then understand my vegan recipes better and understand the choices the person made, along with being able to change regular recipes into vegan recipes by using these substitutes.

Nordqvist, Christian. “Celiac Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Diet, and Treatment.” Medical News Today, MediLexicon International, 15 Dec. 2017,

Nordqvist writes about what celiac is, symptoms, diagnosis, diet, and kinds of treatments. Celiac is a disorder where a person is allergic to gluten, this can lead to inflammation, malnutrition, and destruction of the lining of organs when gluten is consumed. Around 1 in every 141 Americans have celiac making it a more common disorder than many believe. It affects mainly caucasian females and can be treated with a gluten free diet. Nordqvist mentions what foods people with celiac should avoid, bread, some processed soups, granola, etc. With now knowing this kind of information I decided to make my bakery have gluten free options due to the fact that I want to make my bakery excel to people with celiac and people who are gluten free. I want to make sure that people who have dietary restrictions or allergies can find at least one this on my menu to have.

Page, Karen, et al. The Flavor Bible: the Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of Americas Most Imaginative Chefs. Little, Brown and Company, 2011.

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page is a book consisting of different flavor combinations. It lists commonly used ingredients such as honey, chocolate, etc and gives a list of items underneath that pair well with the given ingredient. I use this book a lot when trying to come up with desserts in order to make sure my flavor combinations make sense and with actually work together.

SANDYWIFEY31S, et al. “Vegan Brownies Recipe.” Allrecipes, 18 Dec. 2008,

This is one of the recipes I will be using for my bake sale. With the brownies being vegan the making of the brownies is different from how you would make normal brownies. In this recipe you mix all of the ingredients together in one bowl. While in a normal brownie recipe you have a lot of steps such as mixing the butter and sugar in a saucepan and mixing the eggs with the cocoa powder which is more complex than the vegan brownie recipe.

Scheuer, Chris. “Ridiculously Easy Cheddar Chive Biscuits.” The Café Sucre Farine, 11 Dec. 2017,

Scheuer’s recipe is extremely easy to follow and is the best recipe for cheddar chive biscuits I have found so far. I have tried it many times in the past and it has worked anytime. It gives you the recipe for a basic biscuit dough which I can then manipulate in order to create many different kinds of biscuits which is helpful when making a bakery since you need to change up your items to keep people interested in my products.

snap_admin. “How To Market Your Bakery (14 Crucial Tips & Resources).” Deneen Pottery, Deneen Pottery, 10 Jan. 2019,

Deneen Pottery created a section within their website showing people how to market their bakeries. They give tips on how to keep people coming in the door and to keep people interested in your product. They mention how you need to tempt your customers by playing into trends such as using charcoal within products to make them black or making gluten free and vegan options. Use social media or create a website in order to show people your product and explain the purpose behind your bakery in order to draw people in. This will help me when I am trying to market my bakery to SLA students and how to draw them in so that I can make a profit.