9/11 Short Film

The one that made me feel the most was the second film about the man who lost his wife. This particular one made me feel the most because the music that was playing seemed to be reelecting how he his feeling and what he was going through. Then he would talk out loud as if he was talking to someone and he didn't seem to be the happiest. Also, the affects they used during the film made it a lot more interesting. Then, as the buildings fell it let the sun hit his plants which was a reminder of his wife and when the buildings fell the sun brought life to the plants which seemed to bring life to his wife. Then once he woke up and saw the sun, and what it did to the plants he was overcome with emotion. The one thing that stuck with me and the most and made me very emotional was when he was on his knees holding the plants and said "you should've been here to see this." I feel as though that was a perfect way to end that film.