Siani Widman Capstone

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The goal of my project was to bring awareness the community and SLA on premature babies. Pre terms births and defects are the leading cause of newborn death in the United States. In Pennsylvania the premature birth is at 11%, majority in young teens and adults. So I wanted to get others informed on the subject in hopes that by 2014 the ratings may potentially decrease. 

I chose premature awareness for this project because it is really important to me. There are many family members, including myself, who were born premature, some did not make it and I know how it feels to wait so long for a child to be brought into the world and only to have it be complicated or taken away from you. When I became apart of March of Dimes I got to see the smiles of families and children's faces as they are able to go around in life with something to fight for. I love to fight with them and with the help of many more, we can really create a change for the better.

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