Sierra Dinvil, Quarter 3

Week 1 - Hand Drawing 


This first assignment was one of the hardest ones. This is mostly because this is our first assignment in which we focused on "drawing what we see" and shading. We had to draw a picture of our hand exactly how we saw it. It was harder than I thought because of all of the markings on on my hand, creases, and all the shading that I never noticed. It was challenging but I think I did an exceptional job on it.

Week 2 - Self Portrait (8x11/Pencil)


For this assignment we had to hold out a mirror and draw ourselves exactly the way we saw it. I also found this assignment to be challenging. I feel like you never really know how intricate and uniquely designed your face is until you try to duplicate it. However, I feel like this is the assignment I did the poorest on. Although I tried my hardest to draw what I saw, it didn't come out the way that I expected it. But, I did the best the could within the amount of time given.

Week 3 - Self Portrait (24x36)

(Lack of Picture Excused By Ms. Hull)

For this week we had to draw another self portrait but larger. This was even harder than the previous week, because not only did you need to draw everything you saw but you had to enlarge it. By doing this I realized that I'm not the best at drawing self-portraits but I would like to work on it. However, when I was finished this picture before I photographed it, someone threw it out. Fortunately Ms. Hull gave me the ok to not have the picture up.

Week 4 - Full Body 

This week we had to pick a partner and draw them the best we could. This was also very hard because I not only had to focus on the details of my partners face but I also had to focus on the details of his clothes, stance, ect. This one took the most time, and I chose to do this in pencil because I discovered that's what I work best with.


Week 5 – Still Life

IMG_0431 2

 The still life drawing was one of the most interesting ones to draw. This is because everyone is looking at the same image but interprets it in their own way. The charcoal however is new to me and very hard to use. I hadn’t practiced how to shade or anything like that so I used it as if it were a pencil. I probably could have used this utensil better, but I have improved on it.


Week 6 – Bottle (8x11 Pencil)


The clear bottle pencil drawing was my favorite assignment of the quarter. By doing this drawing I discovered talents that I didn’t know that I had. I found out that I actually can shade, well when I use pencil. I feel like I did an exceptional job making the picture of the bottle come to life and look real/3D.


Week 7 – Bottle (26x34 Charcoal)


In this drawing I just tried to duplicate my last drawing (pencil bottle) but it was harder than I thought. I tried to do the same shading I did in the pencil drawing but it didn’t work out as well. In the end my overall drawing wasn’t as strong as it could have been.

Week 8 - Presentation 
Partner : Taahir Henry