Sierra Dinvil - Blog Post

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a. What went well? 

We were able to find a lot of useful information on the Dead Zones. I learned a lot about it by researching and I feel extremely informed on the topic.

b. What did not? 

Because of the topic we had, we had an extremely hard time trying to find graphics to use. We then got distracted by trying to find graphics and stopped paying attention to the time we had, which caused us to have to drop finding graphics, and just make a creative post with the information we had.

c. What would you do differently next time? 
I would ask for help so that the process of finding graphics would come more smoothly and spend less time on finding information and more time on creating a better info graphic 
d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -

Be Concise

Be Visual

It is very important that you make the information appealing to the eye. A boring text heavy poster, isn't exactly the way to go.

Be Smarter

Be Transparent

Don't make things hard to understand. People should be able to get the general gist just by your info graphic alone. 

Be Different

Stand out from things that people may have seen before. If it's something that's repetitive then others may not be intrigued to look.

Be Accurate

Make sure the information are facts. Do not lie to innocent people.

Be Attractive

Make the info graphic appealing to the eye. 

Be Varied

Add variety to your info graphic. In other words, don't just stick with one concept! 

Be Gracious

Be Creative