If you look at me then my half sister Zoe, you could tell there was some resemblance but not really. At 11 years old she is already as tall as me if not taller. Her eyes are small but round going with the cat green color of them, my own are brown and almond shape. She has a heart shaped face while I have been told my face is rounder. My hair is longer, dark with a odd mixture of waves and curls. Zoe's on the other hand hits around her chin, has a gold color to it and is extremely curly.
 Even outside our looks is completely different. We have very different personalities to the extreme. How to simply condense down are major differences? Well she is off the wall, loud, bubbly, toughness 24/7. Though I can be loud at times I am actually quiet and reserved, out side of it and it plays up more in comparisons to her. If you put the two of us in a room she would run around while I write or read a book.

 The list of our personality, likes, actions, even our appearances differences continues to grow. To some degree it makes me wonder why did I wish for a little sister. But then again it doesn't. I adore Zoe more then anyone. Since we were little I always dotted upon her and cared for her. I use her as an inspiration to work hard so that she has a good role model to look up to. Even if we don't get to see one another often I always let her know where to find me so she can have me to talk to and get support from. Never would I let her down because we are sisters.