Slide: All about me

1 slide tech

When I was making my slide. I decided that I should have at least a picture of myself. I decided to do a dance picture because I can still talk about it. Once I put the picture in the slide, it looked plain and boring. I tried to add different backgrounds, but they didn’t look good. I then decided to add a few pictures of things that I like or found cute. I had a bunch a pictures to choose from and knew that I couldn’t use them all. I started off with small images since there would be one big picture. After I found out what pictures to use, I rearranged them. If i didn’t move them around, it would make the slide really clustered. I decided to add a quote about music. The audience is then able to read something. All my information on the slide won’t be given away.My slide is not a “glance media” which I am proud about. I was not afraid to allow my pictures to bleed. It made my slide look neater and prettier.