​Hello my name is Soledad Alfaro-Allah For tech class we have been required to make one single slide about ourselves. We try to minimize the amount of content that is in the slide while we talk about ourselves and who we are according to that slide. My slide is a picture from the movie by George Melies. I chose this slide because it represented who I am as a person. I am very imaginative and thats what was neccesary for this kind of production

My new slide is completely different. I wanted to create a comfortable look for the viewer and also leave it to me to explain what it going on. I decided to put the target in the corner and let it bleed off of the slide to accent the dart more. I made my name red to compliment the red of the dart and center of the target. I made the background white of all colors to make the target pop. I am proud of this slide, because it is a lot more comfortable to look at and represent me much better. The reason I chose a target because I like to be spot on. 
Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.13.01 AM
Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.13.01 AM
Tech Slide

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Anna Sugrue (Student 2016)
Anna Sugrue

Your slide tells a great story, but on first glance is unclear and slightly intimidating. Your name is awkwardly placed in the corner. I would suggest putting it in a sans serif font, making the text much bigger, and making the text a color that contrasts the background more. Also, you should delete the empty text box in the center of the slide. Overall though, good effort.