Slide 2 (Emma Schwingel-Sauer)

Me Slide (1)
​The first thing I did to revise my slide was change the words. The feedback I got was to make the words bigger and have a more obvious gradation. I made the words spread from top to bottom so it would fill up the entire length of the page yet still leave some empty space, so the slide wasn't too overcrowded. I changed the color of the words as well, making the ¨eat¨ lighter and gradually changing to darker. I also made the most important words the biggest. It flowed from top to bottom, leading up to the most important which showed dominance. This also helped create balance. The big soccer ball in the top right corner balanced out the big words in the bottom left corner.The next step I made was to get rid of the periods. A got a bit of mixed feedback on this specific one. Some said they liked it while others not as much, so I did some further research and found that on a slide, periods can often disrupt a flow of reading, so I decided to cut them out. The last decision I made was to make the bleeding picture bigger. The soccer ball, just like the words is now bigger to take up space but still not too much.

The sources I used to help create and revise my slide were: