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In Technology class we had to make one slide that shows who we are.  We learned about different methods companies use, like Ikea to make their billboards more attractive.  I used some in the methods in my slide that I made.  Below is my script that I wrote to go along with my slide.

One of my sports that I play is track and field. I would like to run in the Olympics one day.  My slide is a photo of Oscar Pistorius running track.  The quote that I put with the photo was “Pain is temporary but glory is forever.”  The author of the the quote is unknowed.  I thought a picture of Oscar Pistorius was great for my quote because both of his legs were amputated.  He went though a lot of both physical and emotional pain.  Even though he went though lots of pain he didn’t let that stop him from running track.  Now he is a gold medal track runner.  He inspires me because if he can run in the Summer Olympics with two amputated legs I can do what ever I want in life.