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Creating an interesting, but not overpowering slide is very difficult. When we first received this project I thought it would be very simple to create a dynamic slide about myself. Using what I learned in the two slide designing websites I attempted to create a simplistic slide about me. 

My first idea was to have a photo of me in the center of the slide and have words around it. However, when I read the Presentation Zen website I saw that slides are meant to be visual aids, not text aids. Meaning that instead of having a bunch of words, people should only have to look at your slide for a moment to understand it. The explanation should happen when you are talking. For this reason I put 3 pictures and three words underneath them that explain me in a much faster way.

On the website Slide Design I read about contrasting colors. My slide color is blue. So I thought for a contrasting color I should use red, but a red that was dark enough not to be distracting from what the words actually say. For my pictures I decided to let the two on the ends “bleed off the page”. In Presentation Zen, it says that letting your picture bleed creates the illusion that the picture is bigger than it is. This was especially helpful because I couldn’t make my pictures bigger because they kept getting blurry. 

Finally, I made my words at 80 and 68pt. font. I did this because in Slide Design  it says that bigger font catches attention and forces you to use less words. I tried to create a simple slide that explained one point about me. It wasn't an easy thing to accomplish, but I think I did the best job I could. This project has taught me a lot and will help in future presentations.

Tech Presentation
After listening to some of the critiques I decided to change a few things. I changed the pictures because my new pictures go better with my color scheme. I used red colors to contrast with the blue background. Then I framed the pictures and spread them apart to make the slide more interesting and more memorable. Then I made all the fonts bigger because that made them stand out more.
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Comments (5)

Adowa Mohamed (Student 2016)
Adowa Mohamed

I noticed that the slide hasn't changed that much but the little changes that you made with the pictures, word choses and the font size. I wonder what would happen if you had made the background a different color. The slides layout and structure is really great and eye appealing to the reader.

Gina Sorgentoni (Student 2016)
Gina Sorgentoni

I noticed how to enlarged your pictures in the second slide to fill the slide. I wonder what your slide would have looked like if you followed a certain color scheme. What if you used different used different photos or used a different font.