Slide Presentation - Matt Reed

I really believe that my slide represents me as a person. It also does a good job of representing my Me Magazine. The key element of my Me Magazine is to show how I kept going no matter what I felt and went through. When I wrote “Don’t be afraid to show your true self” in my slide, I meant that people can not be afraid of showing how they truly act. People sometimes feel like they cannot be true to their real identity, when surrounded by their peers. So, my slide is to show people that is okay to let out their true identity. My picture is also supposed to prove a big point in my slide. The “skull” in the picture is supposed to be me. This is a metaphor for how  I let everyone see what is under my act I put on. I put on this act because I was afraid letting people see me. You may notice how you can only see half of the “skull”. This is because I wanted to represent me coming out from behind a wall blocking me from the outside world. I wanted to show you how I came to be the way I am today, by stepping out from behind the wall. I tried to keep my slide very simple like I learned on the website I visited (

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