Slide Shuman

Well, In my first slide I used Alpha, big text, and minimum use of contrast. But i had alot of empty space even though you can, but it didn't make the slide worth remembering. The text wasn't big enough but the quotes were very strong, and the colors were very interesting. My first slide i used alpha but didn't use it very well.

My second slide I used alpha to put my words on my picture so they can stand out. Also i used make type big so my audeince can get more of a better meaning of what picture meant, I added a title the is very large and has much contrast. Also contrast rule because I use one color and change the main meaning of what I was trying to say in another color. The other  rule i used was  empty space to leave audience guessing wanting more, its not much food but there is a lot of substance.

Shuman Hull Tech Slide 1027 333
Shuman Hull Tech Slide 1027 jk