So What..?

“So What...?”

- Basically a kid in a wheelchair and an african american kid get sent to the office for getting into a fight and they both have to explain their side of what happened. The principal takes the bias toward the caucasian kid in the wheelchair over the african american kid. Throughout the story you’ll see the change in dialogue the principal has when talking to each of them.

“Leave me alone, I’m tired of  this school! I didn’t do nuffin! Blaming me for stuff, always assuming.”

Michael entered the principal office along with one of the women from the cafeteria.

“Take a seat,” exclaimed Mr. Kregno.

Michael leaned forward to grasp the wheels of his wheelchair and pushed himself into the principal’s office.

Keyon lets out a small laugh.

“Guess you don’t have to take a seat Michael cause ya already got one everywhere you go.”

“Thats enough jokes boys, take a seat now. Now which one of you wants to tell your side of what happened first?”

Keyon immediately with no hesitation offered to go first.

“I’ll go I have no problem going first sir.”

“No Keyon, go sit outside. I would like to hear what Michael has to say first.”

Keyon grabs his bookbag and proceeds to walk out of the office.

“Whatever man.”

mumbles under his breathe.

“I offered to go first, what’s his problem I didn’t even do anything.”

Slams door

“Okay, so how are you Michael? I heard what happened are you okay?”

“Yes sir but..”

“But what, do we need to call the nurse? Are your legs okay?”

Michael begins to get frustrated by the amount of questions he is getting

“STOP OKAY... I started it , I started the fight not Keyon but me.”

“Oh stop it Michael you don’t need to cover for anyone it’s okay you won’t get hurt for telling the truth.”

“I just told you the truth, why don’t you believe me, its like people feel bad for me and assume that since i'm in a wheelchair I can’t do anything.  He got too close to my personal space and I wh him. He fell then got back up and tried to swing but was stopped. End of story, nothing more or less than that.”

proclaimed Michael with great emotions.

“There is no need to get mad. Michael if he hurt you just tell us we won’t tell him you told us. You’ll be fine just tell me the truth.” Principal Kregno stated

“Ughh, Fine believe what you what, I really dont care anymore!”

Michael storms out the room in his wheelchair but stops at the doorway.

“Just because you see a kid in a wheelchair don’t assume they can’t do certain things and as a matter a fact they could probably do a better job than you’re doing at your own job.  Im a human just like you are. We get mad and react just like normal people so don’t assume.”

“Calm down Michael you seem very stressed, why don’t you go to the nurses office and take a break.”

Michael leaves before Mr. Kregno can finish his sentence off.

“Can you please tell Mr. Keyon to enter the room now.”

As Keyon begins to enter the room he starts to rant.

“I should be in class right now like I ain’t even do nothing. I have class work to do, i’m not tryna get kicked outta school for something I didn't even doooo.”

“Mr. Keyon now that is enough. A kid is injured and it is the cause of your actions. Please take a seat and explain your side of what happened in the cafeteria.”

“Basically what had happened was I trying to get into the lunch line and this kid in the wheelchair decides to be funny and block my way. I tried to walk beside him but he decided to move his wheelchair toward my foot and pushed me while on his stupid chair. I don’t get why he keep getting all these special treatments cause he’s on that chair. I shoulda stole him while I had the chance. At least then I’d have a reason behind why i'm in trouble.”

“ENOUGH! I’m tired of your attitude, you’re going to be given a suspension of 4 days. Now I hope you use those 4 days to reflect on your actions.”

“What?! Whyyyy common I really didn’t even do nothing. Did he lie and say I did. I swear that i’m tellin you the truth. Please don’t suspend me from school, I can't get suspended my parents are gonna kill me.” Keyon says furiously as streams of tears run down his face. He then runs out the principals office and is told to go to the main office to get his suspension letter from the Dean of students.

Comments (4)

Nicholas Lepera (Student 2016)
Nicholas Lepera

Your piece shows how even when somebody is given evidence their bias can allow them to completely ignore it. Even though the kid in the wheel chair admitted to starting the fight the principal refused to believe him. A very interesting story too. I enjoyed reading it.

Jada Terrell (Student 2016)
Jada Terrell

It was a good scene I liked it. I understood who was saying what pieces of dialogue and good job putting it on a new line each new person speaking. And I understand the whole bias that was presented.

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares

This situation makes the principal look bad either way. On one hand it looks like he singled out the black kid, on the other hand if the wheelchair kid gets blamed it also looks equally bad. There is a sense of moral value present that really shows how complex this situation could get.