Softball Wins Nail Biter

Rockets softball took him a hard-fought win against Saul in the bottom of the fifth yesterday. Trailing the entire game, the Rockets went into the fifth and final inning knowing that they had to hold their defense and then have a strong at-bat in order to come out victorious. It was a daunting task but pitcher, Tia Roberts, and her defense held the Razorbacks to a one-hit, one-run inning. They went into the final at-bat down nine runs.

Gabby Cromley led things off with a single The Rockets quickly progressed to bases loaded with two outs. Then the magic happened. Starting with the top of the order, each player in the batting order hit a single, back to back to back. With each hit, the energy became more and more palpable. We got to the 9th batter, rookie junior, Athalia Tan. With a count of 1-2, Athalia hit a solid grounder that knocked in two runs and won the game! Congratulations to Athalia and all of the Rockets for a hard-fought win.