Some people are trying to stop animal cruelty.

The research that I focused on is an animal rescue center called the ASPCA. The reason I am writing about this is because it is one of the biggest teams to help fight animal cruelty. In 2005 they started this team when hurricane Katina happened. It is a group of staff that help animals with all different problems that are natural and man made disasters. The team works with other groups to rescue animals and give them the care that they need. You can adopt animals from the ASPCA, learn how to take better care of your pet, donate and learn ways to get involved to stop it.


The ASPCA happy tails is when they tell you about stories of animals how they were saved and what happened to them. I have got into that pacifically because I wanted to know what was going on with the animals, I didn’t just want to know that there was animals getting hurt I wanted to everything about the situation.


For example there is a dog-named Mercury. His owner was a dog fighter. The ASPCA suspected that he was a dog fighter and the owner kept them in tiny cages in a yard. The man did the only thing he came do at that point was tell him to put his dogs in bigger crates and took photos of the dogs. Mercury caught the mans eyes and knew he would save him one day. The owner winded up putting the animals in a vacant apartment. The men Ruiz got them out right away and bring them to the ASPCA. Now he is healthy and ready to be adopted.


You don’t want that happening to other animals and neither do I? I don’t know why people did it in the first place but that’s what I want to know.