Spanish Alphabet Rafi

Abuhena Hares


A: ah
B: beh
C: seh
D: deh
E: eh
F: efe
G: hey
H: hachi
I: eeeh
J: hota
K: kah
L: ele
M: eme
N ene
Ñ: enyeh
O: o
P: pe
Q: cu
R: ere (or erre)
S: ese
T: teh
U: ooh
V: beh
W: doble beh
X: equis
Y: y gre-ge-ga
Z: seta

The purpose of this lesson is to teach about the spanish alphabet which is quite similar to the english one but has its key differences which will be highlighted.

Here is a video about two people reciting the alphabet. Here is another video about a real life situation.

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