Spanish Robert and Keith

Meeting in an office

Hola: Hello- Think of both H's the both mean Hi

Beuenos dias: good morning- Think of it as Buenos meaning good then dias meaning morning.
Buenas tardes: good afternoon- think of after when you look at tardes
Buenas noches: good evening or good night- Think if the N's in both Noches/ night.
¿Qué tal?: How are you?- each says how are you so they are just differently. 
¿Cómo va?: How are you?-

Los Meses del Año (Months)

Now I will teach you how to prounce and spell the Months of the year. This is good  skill to know because it can be used to say imporntant dates along with the skill to say the days of the week as you were previously taught.

  • The way that you prounce and spell each month is by these translations.
  • enero=January
  • febero=Febuary
  • marzo=March
  • abril=April
  • junio=June
  • juilio=July
  • agosto=August
  • septiembre=September
  • octubre=October
  • novimbre=November
  • dicembre= December

  • A way to us this in life is to sing the months song.

(El Tiempo) Weather

Now i will teach you how to describe the weather.This is a good task to use for  a good life tool and also could be used in the workplace if you are a  weather forcastor.
  • The way that you ask someone "How's the weather?" is to say ¿Qué tiempo hace? Which literally means "what's the weather like?".
  • Now that you know how to ask about the weather now you need to describe weather.To describe weather you say "Hace" followed by any these descriptions.
 frio for cold
calor for hot
viento for windy
sol for sunny
fresco for cool