Spy Games

Simply put, this movie made me very fearful. I came into this class thinking that government agencies like the CIA and NSA had to have a warrant to spy on Americans. It is very fearful to know that my personal information such as phone calls or emails is accessible by the government at the snap of a finger. Since watching this movie, the thought of the government listening on my phone calls with my mom or sister is constantly in the back of my head. In the film, the government is portrayed in a very negative, cynical, powerful, and omnipresent way. The image of the government was very negative because people were abusing their power and doing a lot of illegal things. The government seemed to have all the power because they could track Will Smith anywhere he went and could easily listen in on his conversations. I do not think that anyone’s privacy was respected in this film. Will Smith himself also obtained the video tape of the mob boss in a somewhat illegal way. The NSA on the other hand was able the bug his house, his clothes and cellphone without a warrant. They knew that the only way to achieve their goals was to not respect people’s privacy. One important point that was made by Larry King at the end of the movie when he was interviewing a congressman. He said, “How do we draw the line between the protection of national security,...the government’s need to gather intelligence and the protection of civil liberties.” Some way along the way we have to sacrifice at least one of the things listed. I think that the government’s mindset is to be safe than sorry. This is why they listen in on the conversations of a lot of Americans. I think that it is a good thing that the government listen in on people’s conversations, but at the same time, I would also like for my personal rights to be protected. I believe that one way that we can prevent events like 9/11 from happening again is by monitoring people. Although I myself would not like to be monitored, you can never truly know the good guys from the bad guys without monitoring everyone. The government has a right to investigate people and keeps its citizens safe. It is important to note that in the movie, it was a bunch of rouge NSA agents that were persecuting Will Smith. In real life, I believe that the NSA only targets individuals that they truly suspect of wrong doing. Once the NSA has enough evidence to implicate you of being a terrorist, I believe that this is time when individual freedom should be restricted for the safety of the larger community. This movie really helped me to see things from both perspectives.