Starks Incorporated - Senior Capstone - Chelsea Starks

The topic that I did for my capstone is Web Development. This project will enabled me to not only prepare a digital portfolio for my intended major in college but also give me work experience by designing multiple websites for several organizations and I produced a career related project in order to achieve my goal.

This process has been a long journey that started well before this year but I’m very proud I was able to create such a masterpiece and share it with everyone. The name of my company is called Starks Incorporated; it is a web design company specializing in WordPress, Flash, and multimedia as well as social networking. Over the past year I have been able to build a small list of clientele, which include different non-profit organizations as well as privately owned businesses as well. 

Early in 2011, I was informed about a non-profit in need of a digital makeover and I was chosen to redesign the site. The end result was great and I enjoyed making it. Other non-profits include SLA’s very own RoughCut Productions, Global Youth United, MpazaK, and I learned a lot more about web design in terms of different languages, improved my knowledge of different applications such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, and read really interesting reference books for my work.

Overall I had a great time designing and creating this project and if I could do it all over again I would get the word out maybe a little more about my company but for the most part I’d keep things the same.