Stephen's Better slide

On my presentation I made sure I didn't clash the COLORS so I just used the Black and White affect. I made sure the SIZE of my picture was huge by making it my background. I made sure the SIZE of my letters where huge I have a font SIZE of 144. For the SHAPE of my picture I tilted it a little bit to the right. Also I made my picture look like I was looking at the slide. For the PATTERN of my slide I made the text color the same as the color of the wall in the background, also I made the text the same color as my shirt. For the TEXTURE I softened the edges of my picture so in comparison the part of the picture I want you to look at looks more sharp. For the EMPTINESS in my slide I just had my picture and the text and left everything else blank. For the ALIGNMENT I made my text go straight while the picture is tilted slightly so you should see the text first. Watching everyone else's slides getting criticized helped me with my slide. I made my picture and text even bigger. And made my picture black and white and face the middle of the slide.

Stephen's Better Slide for Tech