Stephen's Portfolio

English Journal #10
I wish...

I wish I could have better handwriting...
I wish I could be taller
I wish I had more money to spend 
I wish I had more clothes, like enough that I didn't have to wear the same thing twice
I wish I could do whatever I want, and not live by any rules
I wish I had a car
I wish I could play basketball as good as my friends without the practice
I wish I lived in a mansion
I wish I didn't have to go to school to make good money
I wish everyone listened to me
I also wish I had flying, superspeed, and invisibility.
That would be cool

English Journal #23
Progress Note

Stephen, You have greatly improved since the beginning of the year in your efforts in this class. You've completed your classwork on time and turned more quality work. In the very beginning of the year we used to butt heads because you always had your headphones in but now you've payed more attention in class and I've noticed. There are some areas of improvement though. You need to keep strong in your efforts heading into next quarter and to cut the chatter down. You're very sociable and it becomes a distraction to other students. But overall, a very good quarter