Stereotypes and Discrimination to people with Disabilities

My first blog post was about me introducing my You and the World project which is Stereotyping and Discrimination with Work and Education with a Disability. I felt as though this topic was not cared for as much as it needed to be. For my second blog post  I wrote about the field research I did at Edison High School. I visited one of the special-ed classes and I learned a lot. I learned that they mostly focus on life-skills and have the opportunity to stay in high school till they’re 21.

For my agent of change I decided to do a advisory presentation. In my advisory presentation I added most of the information that I learned and talked about the rest. I wanted to do an advisory presentation because my advisory seemed to know nothing about it. I think that I was pretty successful in presenting to my advisory and I think they learned a lot. I did not necessarily want to do this as my agent of change but I did not know what I even wanted to do as my agent of change.


I think that I changed a lot during this project. It really taught me that  should never judge or discriminate anybody. I know that it is really cliche but it is true because even I was a little biased before this project. I really enjoyed during my project. I taught that it was a lot of fun and it was a great learning experience.I think that I could’ve done better just because I sort of rushed my project. I took no time, I knew what I wanted to do since the beginning and I took no brakes. I did my project really fast. I think the only thing that is left to do is to have everybody do their research and educate themselves about people with disabilities.