Sterling Perry and Roger Bracy "Space Jams"

Roger Bracy and Sterling Perry
​"Space Jams"

As sneaker collectors my partner and I have always talked about additions to shoes that can make them better and in some cases worse. When we found out we could put lights on our own custom made sneaker we immediately came up with the concept of a light up Jordan shoe.

There was a wide range of shoes that could have been used, but we wanted ours to have a meaning behind it. Through our research we found that there was a Jordan shoe named the "Space Jams" inspired by his movie. We figured when someone thinks of space they think of stars and moon which can be sources of light.

We went out and purchased a replica of the shoe and began to put in our ideas and apply what we learned about circuits to make a shoe that doesn't look as if we stuffed a bunch of wired inside and made a robotic shoe. But a fashion piece of art.

Picture coming soon... (technical difficulties)