Story Of A Bill; No Child Left Behind

  • I chose 'No Child Left Behind' because it related to my lobbying topic that I've studied all quarter. In my lobbying process I chose to research educational reform because it was something I felt passionate about. In doing my research, I realized that many people mentioned No Child Left Behind as being an issue in public education, so I decided to go more in depth on the act.
    My presentation format seemed to be the most straight forward way to present my research while still using creative graphics. At first the process was difficult because I had to find who was involved in proposing the bill and what outside influences were involved. If I were to do this differently, I would try and use more sources for info to diversify my research. However, while researching the process, I was able to closely analyze what it took for the bill to be proposed. The fact that a business group who had been pushing for educational reform since the 80's were the main supporters in the cause. And even after being backed up by the president, it was not signed until a year after it's proposal. I believe that because it was a federal law, it was easier to research than that of the state or city level. Nonetheless, it was an interesting process in which I think I gained a lot of information from.
  • No Child Left Behind -Jason Davis