3 Strengths Blog - Malcolm McCreary


   I am one of few to be able to say confidently that I have a rather strange work ethic. Rather than being able to get something done by just sitting down and really grind through any sort of task, I really prefer to work at it in bursts of energy based on my mood at the time. I can tend to submit things late just because I don’t have all that much motivation to get things done at the time, but I can also crank out a benchmark in a day if I get really committed to the assignment. Probably why this assignment is about a week late, I tend to work flexibly so that whatever I do is to the best of my ability and something I feel confident in doing. That being said, there are some strengths to my work ethic that I’m comfortable explaining.

Creative - I’m well aware this is one of the most basic and overused personality trait anyone can use to describe themselves, but I think I can say all jokes aside that I can think outside of the box a bit and bring some unique ideas to the table. If I start with a good idea for an assignment I can really make it my own and have a blast with whatever’s given to me. This can be both a blessing and a curse as every once in a while I twist the task just a bit so that I don’t always meet requirements just because I have so much fun working on certain creative assignments.

Flexible - This comes in handy primarily with group projects. My approach is that chances are whoever is taking the lead of this assignment probably has a way better idea of what it should look like, and if I work to make that dream a reality it’ll get a pretty decent grade. I do enjoy meeting in the middle and collaborating to make even more elaborate ideas, however, I have no objections to letting partners take over a bit and get better at their own craft. I’ve been working on projects since middle school, so at this point, I’m well aware of what I want isn’t going to be exactly what a group creates.

Resourceful - Now, this is a bit more specific, however when it comes to more creative assignments I tend to instantly have an idea of what I want to do, and what I need to do to make that happen. Pretty much anything that involves storytelling I’ve already had something in the works just sitting back in my subconscious waiting for an opportunity. I love projects, and I love being able to apply everything I know academically to a fun and exciting project.

In conclusion, my work ethic is a bit sloppy, disorganized, and unrefined however if I put my mind to it I can actually put out some pretty cool stuff (so I’m told). I know that if I just do the work this can come to my advantage I the academic field, it just takes me some time getting comfortable in school so that I can consistently use my time to make creative projects and that all starts with time management and self-motivation.