StudentCam Benchmark Reflection

​Here is a link to my benchmark. 

I chose Internet Censorship, because it would stifle my growth as a student and person. I think access to the internet really allows me to learn about anything I want on the spot, it's learning from a different, more independent way. I really liked the idea of the project, just taking an issue and finding out why it is related to the constitution, I thought trying to explain what internet censorship was hard. Mostly, because everything on the internet is copied, stolen, or borrowed-and-cited. I think the most interesting fact was learning about how they define internet piracy. This project could be improved, by giving checkpoints, although that seems like its childish and students don't want that. This is a project that sneaks up on you, you think you have it under control, then all of a sudden you need video of this, that and the next thing. I ran into trouble with managing my time, because I also had a math benchmark so I was trying to finish that and still pay attention to this project and it just didn't work as well as expected. I think the editing of our video went better than expected, I tried really hard to incorporate my voice as the back bone, the pictures were going to hopefully help tell the story and incorporating the video from the guardians made it feel more complete. I think I would take a different concept for the video, if I was to do it again. I would ideally interview a number of people so the voices change it keeps it fresh. I learned a lot about Sopa and Pipa, and how the government view the internet and how they plan to handle piracy. I thought the government was just letting it go, even though they knew it was bad.