Sun-Ra Keller Capstone

For my capstone project, I examined the COVID-19 pandemic and how it impacted the class of 2023 at Science Leadership Academy as well as teenagers across the country in regards to their mental health and overall high school experience. I explored a lot of online sources for a portion of my research. These provided an abundance of data and percentages that would draw attention to the pandemic’s detrimental effects on students’ mental health. In order to increase the relevance and reliability of the project, I restricted some of my analyses to the Philadelphia region. For other sources I searched for firsthand accounts from genuine teenagers. I made sure to include a lot of diversity within my research. It was crucial to consider factors such as a student’s income, ethnicity, language, or disability. The other half of my research came from interviews I conducted with my class of 2023 peers. In order to receive useful information about their mental health and experiences during the pandemic, I had to structure my questions carefully. I made sure to even question minor concerns such as routine changes and shifts in friendship dynamics. After completing the study, I utilized the knowledge I had obtained to develop a podcast on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the mental health and overall high-school experience of SLA’s class of 2023 and other teenagers in America. Through this capstone project, I was able to learn about how other students responded to the pandemic and compare their experiences with my own.

Capstone Podcast:

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