800 meter freestyle relay, 10 minute (commentator)

OMG! Only 10 minuets, I cant do this! Melanie calm down, you’ll be fine. I cant calm down at a time like this. I’ve waited 10 years for this moment. If i don’t win I dunno what I'm gunna do. Ok stop, breathe in, breathe out. 

I guess, Its just i’ve dreamed of this moment everyday and its finally here and (pause) I'm scared. I never excepted I would feel this way. I thought I would come in here with no fear and just win! But its different when your just dreaming. I used to lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling and my picture my self in this moment. I mount the starting block, squat, sit up a little, listen for the whistle and I just go! 

The second I hit the water its like Its just me and the water. I don’t think about anything, not the clock, my competitors or anything. I just swim. First lap i kinda don’t go as hard. I lay back a little bit so I don’t get tired. Second lap I start to pick up a just a little speed. Third lap a little bit more to put me back in the top. 

But then the last, I’m gone. The second I turn into the last lap, as soon as my feet hit the wall to push off of its like, I go into another world. Its so fast its like lightning struck. Im so close to the end I could just feel the buzzer. Only a few more strokes then BOOM! I won. A new world record, 8:13:09. I did it.

(pause) But this time is different. This is the most important race of my life. If I don’t win my life will be so different. Ok, Melanie you can do. Focus on the positive. UGH! This is so nerve racking. I want to win so much but there are so many good people here, this sucks. I dunno why I agreed to this. I cant do. Im not good under pressure. This race is too big. I like the small ones where its just me and like 5 other girls. I cant race against like the 25 thats out there. I just wanna go home. This is too much! 

800 meter freestyle relay, 2 minutes (commentator)

WHAT!?! 2 minutes. I need like 2 years! Melanie just relax. You’ve trained for this. 

Well here goes 10 years of training...

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Jasmine Nieves (Student 2015)
Jasmine Nieves

Good monologue. What I've noticed that our monologue was about was about a swimming race and that Melanie were really nervous to swim while a lot of people's eyes wer watching other people swim and that Melanie couldn't deal with the pressure. At the end, Melanie had a lot of good advice to win the race even though Melanie was scared you had finally won. Also in the monologue Melanie also needs the practice to get ahead of everybody next time and be confident in herself. What you need improvement on is explain how the race was over and what you won in the race just like they do in the Olympics. But overall, your monologue was god and I could tell that this could have been one of her biggest dream. Good job!!!