Sydney Montgomery - Los Fotos

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Siani Wilson (Student 2018)
Siani Wilson

I understood that her mom is a vegetarian, and her cats name is bob. Her friend Ella is really nice. They went to get hot coco and Emily didn't want any. I liked That she spoke really clear used really nice pictures. I suggest that you make sure the conjugation is correct.

Jhazzelle Majarucon (Student 2018)
Jhazzelle Majarucon

I understood her saying that her, amaya, and sydney went to Italy. The weather was very warm. The trip was very fun. Her cat’s name is Bob. He is 6 years old. His birthday is on the 11th of September. Her and Elizabeth took pictures last week. She is her best friend.

I liked how most of the things she said were very understandable and her speech was very clear.

I suggest her to look make sure she conjugated the words correctly.

Israh Mohammed (Student 2018)
Israh Mohammed

I understood that Same traveled with some friends to Italy and London. The plane ride was cold and during the night. Her cat is named Bob. Emily doesn’t like chocolate. I liked how her pictures were very creative and gave me a very good visual on where she was in the story. I suggest that you make sure to change the masculine ending to feminine when the noun is subject is feminine.

Tajnia Hussain (Student 2018)
Tajnia Hussain

I understand that she went to Italy. She went to the International airport. She slept. It was really fun. She has a cat and it is six years old. Elizabeth is Sam’s friend who took the third picture and she is a photographer. In the fourth picture at night, Sam and Emily went to Rio. Emily doesn't like chocolate and Elizabeth does. Kaamil is sixteen and there was a party. She had fun at the party. Kaamil is a good friend and is smart. I liked how she described her friends really well and took nice pictures. I suggest to try not to take pauses.

Good job!