Sydnye Misero Capstone

For my Capstone I chose to give back to the SLA community. I wanted to address the most challenging class that presented itself to me: Pre-Calculus during my Junior year taught by Sunil Reddy. I knew that going into my senior year I wanted to become a math lab tutor and help my peers, but specifically those we were beginning their calculus journey. I took this math lab time and expanded what I learned, encompassing it into a student resource in the form of a website. This website will be available to those who are taking Mr.Reddy's course, or even those who are beginning calculus and require a refresher. I learned that collaboration is so essential, as tutoring is no easy feat. Collaboration has helped me broaden my horizons and meet new people during this Capstone. I also learned that research came to me the hardest, but was so essential if I was going to give my peers outside resources to help them. This project has continued to open my eyes to how deeply math aty SLA has impacted me. 

My Website:  

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