Tamir Harper

I personally choose the design concept of my presentation is to show my life as I get older.  This slide gives a person from one hundred miles away see the message i'm trying to convey through pictures and words off a presentation/bill board. I also completed this slide the way I did so that It shows the lesson I have learned about billboards and bleeding photos. It also shows my mental knowledge of how to create a Google presentation and a clearly viewed message. 

The second time around I used high contrasting color. The colors I used was bold and soft colors. I also made my letters stand out by making it a bigger font.  During the completion I used a normal font that everyone can read clearly.  Im also clearly show casing what the project is about. The colors I used made sure it stands out to the public. 

I created a slide and or billboard that you can see and get the message miles away. The video that we watched earlier this month class kinda tough me not to feel up the page completely of non-sense. The other information that I have researched also influenced my decision making of how to create a basic but amazing slide. On a link I have found they suggest that you do no hoard everything on my slide if its not necessary. I learned that using great graphics and wording is the way to go instead of words and everything everywhere.  

links: http://advertising.about.com/od/advertisingglossaryb/a/The-Six-Basic-Rules-Of-Billboard-Advertising.htm