Teen Entertainment

The process of creating our campaign wasn't the hard part. Lexy and I originally started it with a real simplicity, we were bored, and we had some good ideas. After the initial idea and the proposal of the idea, we stuck with the same general goals on what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. We came up with ideas on how to promote our campaign to shop owners (who were our original target audience) we wanted to get it out that all teenagers weren't bad and that we needed things to do. We thought about putting posters up near these places who banned teenagers, but we didn't really have a way to get them to listen to what we had to say. That in itself was a challenge that we couldn't seem to overcome. Our ideas were ok but they weren't anything that would make people listen, and they certainly weren't something that would change shop owner's and adults minds. About halfway through trying to come up with better ideas, we thought about changing our target audience, which in itself would sort of change our campaign. Instead of targeting the adults, we'd target the teens, and instead of promoting more places to let us in, promoting already established events and places for teens to go. We came up with the idea for a sort of database website, something that would have all of the upcoming events for teens to go to, places like south street to hang out and things like that. We wanted teenagers to know that there are things for them to do, if they just look for them. 

We created a website and put links in the sidebar to places like the Theatre of The Living Arts on SouthStreet. Free summer concerts, the electric run, and other events that teens could go to. I created posters with a slogan that Willie came up with (you should get out more). I kept them simple while still attention grabbing. I put them around school, around the city, and also around my own neighborhood. Willie made videos and Lexy created the website. We worked well considering we had changed our entire campaign in the middle. Since we did that, another one of our challenges was getting our stuff out into the world. Since we didn't have much time to leave it up, not as many people saw them and visited our website as we would've hoped, but we still did good for the time that we had. We didn't real assign each other any roles, we kind of just took on the ones we wanted and threw out ideas to help each other along the way. It really was a collaborative effort to get this done and I'm happy with what we've accomplished.