Teen Pregnancy Process Paper-Isabela Supovitz-Aznar

My group's campaign topic was teen pregnancy. As a group, I think we worked fairly well. Morgan and I did a majority of the work, as I was in charge of filming and putting together a meaningful PSA, and Morgan put together ads with a catchy slogan, and worked on finding plenty of information.

We used the catch phrase “Worth the weight?” in many of the photos that morgan put together as campaign ads because they provoke thought at the dual meaning in that question. The point is to emphasize that waiting to have sex until you are ready, (“worth the wait?”) is something that should be taken into deep consideration, because the question could end up turing into was having sex unprepared, worth the weight, and price, of a child.

In the PSA that I made, I tried to channel a little bit of everything. It was important to me to make sure to adress adults and make them aware of what they can do, as well as teens. I provided shocking facts about teen pregnancy, and then went on to talk about the ways it can be prevented. I tried to add in a little bit of humor too, by filming a scene at the end of a teen mom unable to control her baby, as a way to emphasize the responsibilty that having sex and getting pregnant can come with.

Dalena and Sterling were in charge of our social media, and promoting them. I feel as though because these were much simpler jobs, they could have done a better job, and I ended up promoting our PSA along wit morgan too. Besides this, I feel as though we all worked well and did a great job at putting together a campaign and mostly just an information base on social media sites for teens and parents to help them be educated about teen pregnancy.