Telling the time

n order for you to time the time or ask the time. You must know how to count up to cien/100.

So I'm going to show you how to count to hundred.


uno 1

seis 6

once 11

dieciséis 16

trienta 30

ochenta 80

dos 2

siete 7 

doce 12

diecisiete 17

cuartena 40

noventa 90

tres 3

ocho 8

trece 13

dieciocho 18

cincuenta 50

cien 100

cuatro 4

nueve 9

catorce 14

diecinueve 19

sesenta 60

cinco 5

diez 10

quince 15

veinte 20

setenta 70

Now that you know how to count to a hundred.

A thing to remember is when you say veinte, you must replace the last e with a i.

Here's an example: if you want to say 4:25 you simply say Son las cuarto y veinticinco.

When you want to say things like :35 you just put trientacinco. Same thing goes for all everything over veinte.

 There's one exception though when you want to say it's 1 o'clock you must say Es la una. Not Son las uno if you say it that way you're pronounocing it wrong.

…y cuarto


…y media


… menos

number of minutes before the hour

In this video one person asks the other person what time it is!

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Steven Webb (Student 2014)
Steven Webb

i like you video but for some reason in like the first 4 seconds I think that there was a pause and I couldn't hear anything. Also when you edited the animal pictures you might want to do the whole thing so that it looks better.