Temperance, "Take me away", Music&Culture

Hello, my name is Temperance Moore. My culture is Christianity. Christians believe in God. We believe that there is only one God. As Christians we don’t really call it a “religion” but a lifestyle. The artist I chose was Sarah Kelly and the song I chose by her is called “Take me away”.  Sarah Kelly is a gospel rock artist. My history with this song goes back to when I was about 9 or 10. My aunt first introduced me to one of Sarah Kelly’s albums. She would play it out loud in the car and my two favorite songs on that album were “Matter of Time” and “Take me away”.

We loved Sarah Kelly and would listen to her all the time. The song “Take me away” is basically about how Sarah loves God a lot and she expresses how much he did for her. Also how she just wants him to take her away so she can just be with him. What moves me about Sarah are the lyrics in her music. To me they are so genuine and true. Just by listening to her music, I can tell she longs for that closeness to God, like that’s all she wants. Also there’s a story behind it all. To me it’s a story that I can relate to.

 What also moves me is the fact that she’s not doing it for show; she’s doing it because she truly loves God. That’s what I really admire about her. This song is an important part of Christianity because it’s a Gospel song so it promotes God. Sarah Kelly is also a Christian who loves God so that’s also why it’s an important part of Christianity. This song shows Christianity because it’s talking about God. Not only is the song based on God but also the person who sings it is a true Christian. The song “Take me away” represents the life a Christian, the life of Sarah Kelly.