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English Journal #41 

When was the last time you were forgiven? And is it possible to forgive even if you've suffered from other people?

I think it's possible to forgive even if people suffer from other people. It's not easy, but it is a choice. Forgiveness is necessary to move forward because if you haven't forgiven someone that means you're dwelling on things that are in your past. How can you move forward if you're so busy looking back? All you will do is trip.

English Journal #21

What is your mask?

My mask? I don't know. There is nothing that I'm keeping inside that people should know. It's none of their business anyway. Why must they know? Whatever I'm suffering with stays between God, and I. And, if I choose to tell someone I can trust.
My mask? Does it have to be called a mask? Is it only a mask because I'm not telling people how I feel? They don't need to know. 
So, my mask? I don't have one.

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