Temperance Moore: Q2

In the making of my slide I learned that it didn't have to be more than one slide, not only because we were only supposed to do one slide but also because slides are short, simple and to the point. Reading the tips from Presentation Zen helped me to make my slide into what it is now. I didn't get anything from the internet I just used pictures of me and other people from off my computer. I chose the saying in the middle because it expresses how I am, mistakes don't make me depressed they just help me learn that I need to do something better and I just continue to be happy and move on with my life.
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Alexis Dean (Student 2015)
Alexis Dean

Temperance, I noticed. that you really took the advice that was given to you and used it to your advantage. To make your slide even better, I suggest that you even out your pictures in unison and maybe even have them bleed into each other.