Text Based Macbeth game (Macbeth Creative Project)

​For my creative project, I wanted to show the development of Macbeth's character through the quotes, and also how Macbeth justified his actions. I ended up making a text based game that showed the quote and a decision that Macbeth had to make. If you chose the wrong answer, it would tell you why it was the wrong answer for Macbeth. My process while making this game was at first making a code template for the decisions. Next, I added the quotes and the decisions. I then added the responses. A difficulty I encountered while making the game was that at first, my code would not run. I looked at documentation for a while and ended up finding the answer. I am proud of being able to engage an audience while showing Macbeth's character. If I was given the chance to do something differently, I would add more interactivity to the game, and multiple endings. I learned from my classmates presentations that you can incorporate the quotes and characters of Macbeth into a wide range of projects, from videos to sculptures to board games. I learned that I should take more time to look over my code while debugging it, as I spent a very long time finding a simple mistake.

You can play my game by downloading this .zip file, then unzipping it and opening the app inside. It requires internet the first time you launch it.