4th Quarter Benchmark Description

Globalization 4th Quarter Benchmark

Big Idea: Evidence of globalization is everywhere in our day-to-day activities.  All around us, the influences of global factors drive decisions, impressions and understanding.  In order to internalize this influence and impact, we look to our familiar surroundings for images that represent the different topics and themes we study in Globalization.


  • Take 10 original photos that represent a different aspect of the globalization curriculum – reference the course outline for a list of the themes and concepts
  • For each of the images, write at least two paragraphs that explain the connections between the image and the globalization theme.  These paragraphs need to draw clear connections between the theme, Philadelphia and reputable resources.
  • A 10 source bibliography (not annotated) MLA format
  • Choose a presentation tool that best represents your ideas (this are just a few ideas, there are many, many more)
    • o    http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp?gclid=COevzt3KrqECFQmU7QodCVMOAQ
      o    Keynote has some great templates for creating an essay with audio and text
      o    http://www.joggle.com/  
        •    with this tool you can just record your analysis if you like, pretty easy to use.
      o    http://photopeach.com/
      o    Google Presentation
      o    Here http://inmotion.magnumphotos.com/
        •    great site that has some of the best photo essays I have ever seen. Also we can use Imovie to make slide shows as well if people don't want to learn a new program.

  • Post a link to your work on sla.org

Suggested Use of Time in Class:

Week One:  Brainstorm a list of images/scenes that you would like to capture and tie each of those to a theme from the Globalization course outline.

Week Two: Research each of the themes, looking for a reputable source to support the ideas you would like to represent in each of the different images and corresponding paragraphs.  When you write your paragraphs, you should specifically cite these sources in the paragraphs.

Week Three: Write your paragraphs and complete your bibliography, pull together the images, paragraphs and bibliography into a published format.

Outside of class homework: Collect images and finalize any requirements not finished in class.




The demographic shift within Alma Center, WI is best exemplified by these side by side signs.  Over the past 20 years, the number of Spanish speaking immigrants has grown dramatically in this small, rural farming town.  Interestingly the long settled families of this area match many of the cultural and societal norms of the new immigrants settling in the area with a focus on religion and families.  Prior to the recent migration of Latino immigrants, the predominant cultural backgrounds were from Northern Europe.

Immigrant migration into small farming communities was best explained in this article by …. (you get the picture)