4th Quarter Project: The war between two neighborhoods






The most challenging thing I found about this project is trying to tie it in with Globalization. I chose to write my journal story about something I knew about first hand and has actually been around too see and hear on my own. I also had a hard time with trying to make the paper sound more of a blog/journal thing instead of sounding like a thesis paper.

I always knew about this story because I am from one neighborhood and has friends in the other neighborhood. I have seen these things first hand, the 17 year old boy that died was friend of mines I knew since kindergarten and the mother and son caught in the cross fire was my friend mother and brother. These things have a great effect on me, I didn't physically get shot but these things messes up people minds mentally.

I think this story doesn't receive enough attention because its always something about African Americans doing something violent in the news. Everyday you'll see inner city violence on the news so this would be just another story. But the shootings doesn't always happen in the same place in my story there's a shooting almost everyday if not everyday. The violence is senseless and  is getting out of hand. I feel like the city of Philadelphia should put more police patrol out on the streets of Philadelphia. I don't think this story will get more attention over the next few months unless another innocent person is shot dead. I learned that inner city violence is somewhat of a disease it spreads through out the youth.