​My goal is to extend upon the common conception of the school to prison pipeline, exposing the reason of inciting modern slavery to gain profit.

In America, we chase dreams, using the domination system-which in short is if you work your butt off you get what you want and you can and will achieve, but the problem with the american dream is that the rewarding part is that not everyone achieves it.The people responsible  are the ‘Powers’ such as big business, politicians, aristocrats and private prisons. This is the domination system.

These powers use zero tolerance, to enforce the domination system. Zero-tolerance is said to help, but really just enforces the school to prison pipeline. Like in, Texas their zero tolerance policy  puts students at risk of dropping out when the system was said to be put in place to do the opposite. Putting police in charge, it criminalizes children in a way that sets them up for failure. Though teens and youth a being targeted, it's mostly Minorities, blacks in particular are targeted in schools in means of suspension it is disproportionated that minority students get suspended for the same “behavior” more, than their other racial and ethnic counterparts. This is supported  by Smith and Harper “Despite the regularity with which racial disparities and racism in school discipline have been documented, Blacks and other students of color continue to be suspended and expelled at disproportionately higher rates than their peers from other racial/ethnic groups.’ This proves racism and racial stereotyping inside of the school system. The way to recovery is to encourage the powers within the school domination system: police, administration and judges to place rehabilitation and restorative justice over that of severe punishments. These unfair forms directly negatively impact the students/youth which along with other factors such as race and poverty set them up for failure, this is why rehabilitation will help towards prevention of the school to prison pipeline.  Using the zero tolerance method along with the domination system, within schools they set up minorities up for failure, in today's prison system  that ensures involuntary servitude in order to make a profit, it sounds very similar to how America enslaved people of colour to get free labor, slavery. That’s exactly what this is, slavery as supported with the idea of a ‘new jim crow’ in America Slavery Reinvented, “In this new era of prison industry, the criminal “justice” system, the state determined the size of the worker pool. Scores of recently freed slaves and their descendants now labored to generate revenue for the state under a Jim Crow regime.” People in prison aren’t seen as people they are seen as workers ultimately used to gain profit. America has protected the reinvention of slavery in Angola, due to the slavery and involuntary servitude lupul in the 13th amendment. So those who are incarcerated can be forced into slavery. With the ‘new Slavery’ in the prison industry for profit, one must not forget that more black people are arrested for the same crimes as that to a white person, so slavery isn’t just felt by past slaves but the predecessors of those slaves who were beaten and raped. Slavery to Jim crow to the new jim crow and slavery again. People say to get over slavery, but you can’t when it's still happening. No one living white person in america is responsible for slavery, but they all inherit the systematic benefits of Slavery, today it is more strategically planned.

The prison industrial complex is driven forward with the “tough-on-crime” approach, this is very similar to the “zero tolerance” motto. This reveals the reason for an inflated number of imprisonment, amongst minorities: big business, big money and politics, they all work in a complex designed to corrupt the criminal justice system in a way which causes detriment to poorer areas, aka the ghetto. This here prisons have become a “cornerstone of economic development”; where they capitalize on the people to arrest and later enslave. This system is used to make the victims of this system to look like the bad-guys, while yes they did their crime and they are doing the time, they are put into double jeopardy situations. These situations are where the prison industrial complex is used for the agendas of the powers to gain higher profits and more votes. These people are supposed to serve time as punishment so why are they being punished twice over for the same crime? Simply because america wants to exploit those that they have institutionalized as inhumane numbers, and forgetting they are people don’t rehabilitate but reignite a cycle. Due to the fact everyone wants a utopian society, is the idea that edges on america  to push so hard and supports this system, and in result people of colour are incarcerated more and longer for non violent crimes, this is why today a rapist be less of a ‘menace to society’ than a person with a minor drug infraction, simply for the benefits of money.

No doubt America was built off of the benefits of slavery, this is why systematic oppression allows minorities to be the number one candidates for the one place in which it is legal in america to force slavery or involuntary servitude.These ‘Powers’ use violence to enforce a fear that criminals will over take America in which the fuel of the fear causes people to want to start early prevention of Criminals and pushes them to support The war on crime and zero tolerance policies.  After the loss of legalized slavery, america reverted to jim crow as a form of oppression and  in modern day prison. People of African-American descent and other ethnic groups of people are targeted, early on in a school system in which they are institutionalized in a prison like manner in what’s supposed place of education in order to set them up for failure, like dropping out, truancy, poverty, cruel and unusual punishments that are disproportion for minor crimes which will, or should lead to prison. In the system where minorities are set up for failure, to reach the prison system, In which the prison system, will enforce slavery or involuntary servitude or work that prisoners may or may not be stipend for- sounds a bit like slavery- or the modern version- that is protected by the 13th amendment. This is an institutional way to incite modern day slavery by setting minorities to fail and complete the circuit of the school to prison pipeline. Stand up and Call out the pre imprisonment of the minorities youth.