The American Jobs Act


I chose this bill because it seems interesting enough and like something that can easily be misrepresented as something complete where it just not. What I mean by the latter half of the last sentence is that I have a habit of forming a "strong" opinion on things that I do not  know enough about and it is really not a good thing at all, to me it breeds ignorance and I do not want to be misinformed about things. So with that said it made me want to investigate more on this because the way that President Obama was screaming "Pass this bill now!" you would think it is a solution to all of Americas' economic woes, but it is a few reasons why republicans would not pass this bill.

I honestly chose this presentation format because my storybook idea didn't work out that well. It is this program that does adult storybook format settings but it cost money and I gave myself until a certain day before I would just use prezi and I am a procrastinator so it ended up being my absolute only choice to use. All and all I should viewed my resources to see if there was a better way to present but it was just wishful thinking that I would be able to get the program and also prezi can be used a pretty good resource for story telling if you use it right.

The challenges I had were making it creative prezi is good in itself but zooming and spinning gets old after time so finding new ways to do things is very challenging but I tried to balance it. I would've probably spent more time actually designing the project instead of deluding myself into thinking that  I could get this program in time.

The creation process as a whole tells me that it didn't take much time to get the idea, it probably took a lot of time to write up due to the fact that it is 2000 pages long if I remember correctly and it

The process ended up being harder than I imagined. Since my objective was to tell a story it kinda got lost so trying to stick to that was hard. I don't even think I entirely succeeded in telling a story but I think it came out okay.