The Basics of Spanish Conversation

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of Spanish conversation from hello to goodbye. There are multiple ways to say things that are the same in Spanish including pleasantries.
For example...
-Greeting someone you can say,

‘Hola’ anytime of day

‘Buenos diaz’ good morning

‘Buenas tardes’ good afternoon

‘Buenas noches’ good night

You have to make sure that say ‘buenos’ with diaz and ‘buenas’ with tardes and noches.
-Then, is ‘how are you’ which can also be said in multiple ways.
¿Comò estàs? which you would say with a friend or someone your age
¿Comò està? which you would say to someone older than you
¿Què tal? and you can say that formally or informally
*When someone asks you a question and you are going to say ‘and you,’ you need to be able to respond correctly.
When speaking formally, you will say ‘and you’ as ‘¿Y usted?’ to show respect
When speaking informally, you will say ‘and you’ as ‘¿Y tu?’ to show that you and the person are buddies or the same age.
-Next, is asking someone's name and all you have to say for that is ‘¿Comò te llamas?’
-To respond you can say ‘my name is...’ in 3 ways
Yo soy...
Mi nombre es...
Me llamo...
Then you can refer to the * step to respond if necessary
-’Nice to meet you’ is next and all you have to say for that is ‘mucho gusto’
-Then ‘likewise’ which is ‘igualmente’
-Finally, is goodbye which can be said in more than one way
‘¡Adios!’ - bye
‘¡Hasta mañana!’ - see ya tomorrow
‘¡Hasta luego!’ - see ya later
‘¡Hasta pronto!’ - see ya soon
‘¡Què le vaya bien!’ - have a good one

Here is a comic that should help you understand a basic Spanish conversation.

Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 5.41.45 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-25 at 5.41.45 PM
Here is a video of 2 ordinary people having a basic Spanish conversation on their way to class.

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