The Big News

I’ve been on this bus for the past 3 hours and I can’t bear to get off. There are 15 stops before I get home and I don't want to get home. I'm too nervous and I don't know how my mom is going to react. My hands tremble to the thought of telling her the news. Like I’m only fifteen years old man. I'm not ready for this kind of responsibility. I don’t know how my mom is going to react to the big news. Looking back at it I should have been more careful. Like I don't even love Amanda why did I even mess with her?I know I got myself into this hole. Like I need to find a job now and quit school. I can’t don’t do this I can’t handle all this responsibility and I definitely can’t handle the pressure.

I just need to stay calm and figure out how I’m going to tell mom I’ll worry about the other stuff later but, right now I have to figure out how I’m going to tell her. I'll just ask her how her day has been but, if she had a bad day I’m definitely not telling her. Imma just asks if we can talk in the living room and slowly but surely deliver the news. This could go either two ways she could be happy about it or the other possibility is that she doesn’t take the news well, gets disappointed at me, and kicks me out the house. Let me check where I am. Damn 11 stops until I get home. I need to make a plan right now I can’t be thinking about what if. I’m just going to be straight to the point and tell her everything that happened that night. I just don’t want to disappoint my mom she’s always told me to be careful with that stuff and that I shouldn’t mess around. I just wasn’t thinking right when I did it. I was drinking all night long and Amanda was drinking too. It just kinda happened and I don’t remember much about but I know that it happened. I just wasn’t in the right place that night and I was definitely not in the right mindset after all that drinking.

It's 7 stops until I get home and I'm even more stressed than I was before. All this time that I've spent on this bus has made me think about that night and if I could go back and stop myself I would. I just wanna get home and lock myself in my room and never come out so I don't have to face my problems. I guess I’ll just have to man up and face my mistake. It already happened and I can't change it I’ll have to work hard and find a job in order to support my family.

It's 3  stops now, already, ok . I know what I'm going to do I'm going to tell my mom everything and I will own up to my mistake and take care of that baby and care for its mother. One stop closer to home, I think I'm ready to tell my mom. It's time for me to get going and tell my mom that I got Amanda pregnant. I will explain the whole situation from beginning to end and see how she feels about it. As I get off the bus I'm still stressed but  I feel a lot more confident in telling my mom about what happened. Even though I am not prepared to be a father I look at this situation as a learning experience and I will try my hardest to provide a good home for my baby.

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Anthony Nelson (Student 2021)
Anthony Nelson

This is great Hector. What moved e emotionally is that he stood up and took responsibility for the choices he made. I was kind of disappointed that that conversation wasn't a part of the monologue but that doesn't mean that this monologue isn't still great. Great Job!

Gabriella Torres (Student 2021)
Gabriella Torres

What had moved me was the urgency and panic with telling your mom the big news. And u don’t know what her reaction was. You had don’t this by continuing break of the stops and the gaps between each which were scattered not one after another

Abel Solomon (Student 2021)
Abel Solomon

I was emotionally moved by how scared the protagonist was. The writing contributes to this by describing how he's coping with the fear, an example of this is when his hands are trembling.

Williams Paredes (Student 2021)
Williams Paredes

This story was really good and it was funny at the same time. I liked that you gave a lot of detail, I also liked that you were giving a lot of detail on how the character was feeling.