The Bluest Podcast 3

Jasir Chavis, Jueni Austin, Lyss Williams, Phoenix Satterfield

The third and final episode of our podcast. We examine some reasons why the author of The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison, actually wrote the book. A very interesting conversation indeed. She wanted to offer readers stories about blacks, women, and other marginalized characters that hadn’t been told before. This desire seems to have been with Morrison since she was a student at Howard.

Comments (5)

Iman Ahmed (Student 2021)
Iman Ahmed

You guys did an amazing job analyzing the characters and I liked how there were different opinions when it came to deciding who was at fault, which gave the audience more than one perspective. The podcast had a really nice and natural flow. Great job guys!

Karim Mullen (Student 2021)
Karim Mullen

I like how deep you all got into the story and formed your own question even though they didn't mention it in the book. Your group spoke clear and had some really good points. Even though I didn't read the book I already know some what about it. Great job!

Alicia-Noor Kreidie (Student 2021)
Alicia-Noor Kreidie

I really like how deeply you thought about the emotion of each character, and how you saw the character as a whole and as something which can make mistakes but can also do something positive, it really humanized each character. I think the way you edited it worked really well, everyone spoke for around the same amount of time and I really enjoyed the jingle at the end. Good work!

Ida McGrath (Student 2021)
Ida McGrath

I thought you did a good job discussing your different opinions and your conversation flowed really well, I like how you ended it with music. It allowed me to get a sense of the book and the feelings you experience reading it.