The Bluest Podcast Episode 2

Jasir Chavis, Jueni Austin, Lyss Williams, Phoenix Satterfield

In this episode, we look at the next few chapters through a feminist lens. Both of the parents of the main character, Pecola, have their own chapters, with the mother’s chapter (Pauline) first and the father’s chapter (Cholly) second. We explore the gender structures present in their childhoods and their marriage.

Comments (2)

Zahirah Smith (Student 2021)
Zahirah Smith

From this podcast I learned that the character struggles with her physical appearance and her marriage with Charlie. I also learned that charlie had a rough childhood, which effects his current relationship. I liked the explanation and detail given for each topic. The ending had a nice flow,

Brooklin Johnson-Coles (Student 2021)
Brooklin Johnson-Coles

I learned more about the delicate history of one of the characters and how pregnancy could have affected them. I like that the conversation was smooth and natural. I assume that most of you kept your mic on and that helped alot.