The Change for Catcalling--Gabriella Torres

All of my research from post #1 and #2 has impacted the way I have finally concluded my thoughts of catcalling. Both posts required my research for the impact of growing up in a society where catcalling effects any human in the world mainly women. Men feels as though it is appropriate to catcall any women they find flattering in their eyes. My first post was brought out to be just finding out basic information and the impact put on women from these comments made about their looks. Then for my second post it was my own personal research to see how true this actually is. Each of these posts had brought my attention that everyone at different age ranges faced a time where they had been verbally violated in a way where it made them feel self conscious about themself. If you would like to view my first post the link is here. For my second post the link is here

Currently in this time there are very little organizations that are brought together to end street harassment as a whole. In society they value other things more than the safety of humans in the world. Also there is a lot of work put into making any type of organization that their goal is to end something that has been going on for centuries so, it will be very difficult to get people to come together for a project that could have an impact or no impact at all. The organization that I had found was Hollaback or also known as Feminist Public Works is a global organization that is powered by people to end harassment in society. This organization goat is to develop innovative strategies that ensure a safe public environment where harassment is not involved. I feel as though this is the right track to be on in order to actually make some type of improvement for people to feel safe. Also they way that they encourage people to sign up and be apart of this movement to start up a group in their area.

For my agent of change I had decided to do a information presentation with interaction of the audience. My plan was to inform everyone about Street Harassment but also for them to see other peoples opinions about a subject that happens everyday and they either are targeted or are viewing it around them. My presentation consisted of background information about the topic but also questions that were asked to the audience to get them thinking and their initial reaction before watching a controversial CNN news broadcast about Catcalling creating the audience to have a lot to say which was my goal. My goal was to get the audience to be in a situation where they felt like the things being said was not correct but very ignorant because this initially shows how Street Harassment is. I did accomplish my goal of getting the audience to talk and give their own opinion on the ways would change things and how they feel of street harassment in general.

While doing this project over a couple months I at first felt kind of uncomfortable due to the subject being kind of harsh and you never know how people can take a topic like street harassment. After the first post I did feel pretty comfortable due to finding more information and the right way of approaching a topic like catcalling that occurs to people from the ages of 12 and on from men that can be from any age and without thinking how old the women could be. I learned that it is easier to talk to people that have witness these things and are more open minded about ideas then just some adults that don’t care or feel as though it is wrong for a topic like this to be brought up.There is alot to still be done in order for my change to actually be done but, this is such a topic where it is going to take years in order to get any movement in society to actually get any sense of understanding why catcalling is not a good thing at all.

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