The Coal Slurry Mess in Kentucky/Virginia

I think what when well was the fact that there wasn't much argument about the design of it. We didn't have underminding ideas and we worked together to make it look very neat and creative. We tried to keep the information concise and to the point and i think we did that well. 

 Nothing really went wrong or bad. We got a little of task at times but we got out project done with all (iThink) of the required components. If we were to do this project again, the only thing I'd probably change would be the colors because I'm really picky about that. 

The ten tips that we got were very helpful to our presentation and we really tried to use them. The main ones we focused on were using contrasting and popping colors, and keeping the text easy to understand and read. 

Below are a list of things we believe we excelled in when making this project:

Being Concise

Being Visual

Being Accurate

Being Attractive

Being Varied

Being Creative

I think we could have done better at using more of the information we gathered and incorporating it in an intelligent way.